Network/System Monitoring with Cacti


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Successfully managing a network of computers requires access to accurate, timely information regarding the current and historical state of the devices which comprise said network. Once a network grows beyond a fairly small size it becomes essential that this information is available using a simple, intuitive interface. Cacti is a “complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality” . The Cacti application also provides “a fast poller, advanced graph template features, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management” so is an ideal choice for most small to medium sized enterprises.

This documentation aims to be a thorough introduction to the Cacti application from installation to advanced use. Topics covered include monitoring hardware (disk space, temperature sensors, harddisk SMART data, etc) and monitoring software (number of processes, memory use, etc) as well as monitoring network devices (interface throughput, dropped packets, etc). Later sections also explore how to create custom Data Query descriptions and Graph Templates allowing the data monitored by the Cacti application to be extended to include almost any metric of any device you may have on your network.