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In the world of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) documentation can often be at a premium. This is unfortunately especially true when looking for documentation relating to using such software in a production environment. The documents on this site aim to rectify that by providing how-to style documentation guiding a user through the process of installing and configuring a variety of software commonly deployed on servers.

At our parent organisation, Hacking Networked Solutions, we often lamented the lack of suitable documentation for providing those new to working with the software we use with the basic skills and knowledge they needed to contribute effectively to the team with the minimum of wasted time covering irrelevant topics. The vast majority of the documents in the sections below started from an internal effort to produce such documentation.

GPL Software
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At Hacking Networked Solutions we have developed a number of software projects in the course of our business which we feel may be of interest to a wider audience than our corporate clients and internal developers. With the advent of Version 3 of the GNU Public Licence (GPLv3) the concerns of our legal team were finally sufficiently assuaged and we embarked upon the task of releasing said software projects to the general public.