Hacking Networked Solutions overlay for Gentoo Linux


One of the key advantages of Gentoo Linux, which is often overlooked when comparing Linux distributions, is the ease with which software packages may be added to the Portage tree and thus incorporated into the package management system as first-class citizens complete with all the benefits you would expect from portage such as dependency resolution and installation as well as the ability to customise the installation using use-flags.

At Hacking Networked Solutions we exclusively use Gentoo Linux in both production and development environments which often leads us to develop new ebuild files for packages we use which are not yet in the official Gentoo Linux package repository. Sometimes these ebuild files are accepted upstream by the Gentoo Linux Development Team but until that happens they are maintained in a public overlay so that they may be used by anyone.

As the packages distributed in our public overlay are not officially supported by the Gentoo Linux Developers please do not submit bug reports for any packages to the Gentoo Linux Bugzilla but instead report them using the Mad Hacking Bugzilla so that we may address any issues caused by our packages without burdening the already overworked upstream developers further.