E-mail virtual-hosting system using Postfix and CourierIMAP


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Electronic mail, or email as it has become known, is one of the most far reaching uses of the Internet with almost every organisation having a system for its users. Perhaps because of the ubiquity of email it has become increasingly important to ensure that an organisation's email system is capable of not only handling the ever increasing load placed upon it by its users but is also tightly secured against the external threats of unsolicited bulk email and automated organised attacks aimed at denying legitimate users access to the system.

This document aims to describe how to install and configure an Internet mail system capable of sending and receiving email, relaying email on behalf of other servers and user agents, as well as as allowing users access to stored email, all using the most common standard protocols. As usual the focus of this document will be security and stability although there are also sections devoted to spam prevention and attachment scanning, for viruses as well as unauthorised content, to enhance not just the overall functionality and user experience of the system but the security of the entire organisation.